Genesis UV 1.1

Explanatory information

Solar UV radiation exposure of workers

Results of measurements conducted with GENESIS-UV since 2014

Since 2014, the IFA has conducted intensive measurements to determine the extent to which occupations, sub-occupations and occupational activities are associated with UVR exposure.

This webpage contains a presentation of the condensed measurement results. Like the results of this study, the web page follows the structure of GENESIS-CODE. This means that the occupation forms the starting-point for presentation of the results. The sub-task group can then be selected, and in turn the specific sub-task itself. Detailed information on the exposure is recorded for each section. A distinction is drawn here between evaluation per day and per half hour, which can be selected on their respective tabs. Each result field contains the following information

  • Monthly mean values per day or monthly mean values per half hour as applicable, presented graphically with statement of the precise value.
  • Descriptive statistics for the monthly mean values per day and monthly mean values per half hour respectively.
  • Statement of the extrapolation for the year. The extrapolation for the actual period of measurement from April to October is first stated, followed by corresponding extrapolation for the year with use of the extrapolation factor for the year. To facilitate use, the result for the year is converted again, to the unit of SED.

You may use the Extrapolator so transfer the results to your country’s latitude!

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Data Analysis, Statistics and Extrapolation
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